Late Nights With Elly and Caz

Night 1 - The Insanity Begins

Night 1 - The Insanity Begins
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Night 3 - Rating Through the Roof
Night 4 - Sexy Boy
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Night 6 - Moon
Night 7 - Shoe Size in the Playhouse
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The Inbox OF DOOM

Caz: I was dead tired. I had a headache. Elly caught me on MSN. It begins.

Rodney put his head on the desk and snored. Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. He was sleeping on her desk.

Everyone else stared



Beckett wandered by drinking ice tea.


i mean


... i'm going to post this so watch it lol


and Caz chased after him


Elizabeth said gently, "Wake up, sleepy head.”

"Nice dream," Rodney said, dazed, as he looked at her, "You're pretty."

Sniggers abounded in the office - mostly from Sheppard.

Beckett walks past again. Clearly he has some plot potential. 

Weir pulls him in. She asks, "What did you put in Rodney?"

in where....



in Rodney's COFFEE

i'm out of it



sounded very r rated for a second there

"Nothing serious," Beckett looked shifty.

"A sedative....maybe a truth serum...."

"Is that legal?" Elizabeth demanded, amazed. Beckett shrugs blankly. *Caz shrugs blankly*

! :D

this is so weird

"I'm in love," Rodney declared.

"Uh oh," Said everyone.

Beckett, grinning like the Chesire Cat, prompts,

"And who do ye love, Rodney?"


 this beckett is evil


i like


*gazes blankly at screen*




I meant prompted.


*spots peter deluise*


Rodney stood up suddenly and sang in a very loud - and very off key - voice, turning to Elizabeth,

"I love you baby! And if it's quite alright, I need you baby!"




certainly a mcweir moment


Everyone covered their ears. Except Elizabeth. She smiled.


"When does this wear off?" She asked.


NEVER!! Muahaha


Beckett, still looking very evil, said,

"He'll remember everything that's happened."

"Good," Said Elizabeth and sang to Rodney, "And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiiiiii will always love you!"

Sheppard groaned,

"They are as bad as each other. Ouch. Should get singing lessons."


A dramatic kiss was then performed by Elizabeth and Rodney.






Beckett turned to the camera and stated,

"This is why you catch Caz when she is half asleep."


*pats beckett*


good advice


sound advice




wow that was so ooc


and i'm feeling funny


let's go for another!!




must include a cashew


weir: WHAT


Elizabeth had run out of chocolate AND cashews. It was a disaster.


The first person she complained to was Rodney. Because he was there. And giving her that puppy dog look because he wanted some pillows. Or something. Maybe cushions.


maybe pink...




Maybe pink.


But that's another story. Rodney frowned,

"I get the chocolate part...but cashews? It's not like they are very good."


Elizabeth jumped to her feet and shouted,


 Rodney blinked. He said in a shaky voice,

"I don't know where to get some."



*Caz's note: the real reason she was yelling at him*


Rodney cowered. He begged,

"Don't yell at me. I'll get you cashews. Then will you forgive me?"





Rodney then ran to Beckett, who was sadly missing from this episode. Rodney said breathlessly,

"Where did I find cashews?"

"Daedalus?" Beckett supplied.

Rodney blinked. He grabbed his communicator thingymajigy...*author has forgotten word* and said,

"Someone beam down cashews!"


*Caz beams* Hey beckett was in that ep




Zelenka walks past. Angry Beckett fans, enraged that this upstart stole Beckett's screen time, grab Zelenka and haul him off to Oma.




um. right. fic.








"I'm sorry," Hermiod apologised, "But we have no cashews."

 Rodney looked like he was going to collapse. Beckett wondered out loud,

"What in the Pegasus Galaxy is this important?"

"Lizbeth will forgive me if I get her cashews."




"Well why didn't ye say so before?" Beckett demanded.

Rodney blinked. He opened his mouth to yell at the Scot. Beckett continued,

"But I don't have cashews. I have chocolate coated cashews."




From the next room over we hear Caz yell to Beckett,









ah they pronounce it "ball"


not ba'al


Elizabeth was working, suffering withdrawal symptoms. SUDDENLY, chocolate coated cashews were beamed onto her desk!!


what the frack




they're all doing it!


gah gah gah gah


"What the..." She said. Rodney waltzed into her office and preened. He told her,

"You have to forgive me now."


daniel thank god


"I could kiss you," Elizabeth beamed.


awwwwwwwwww !


Beckett walked past and said,

 "Give this poor sleep deprived writer a rest. She already changed tenses once."




Rodney and Elizabeth chorused,



They skipped a page of witty dialogue that Caz might have written when awake.


just doesn't have the same ring to it, "Where is the false god ball?


"Ooh a kissing part," Rodney said. Elizabeth giggled.




They kissed.


Beckett turned to the camera and said,

"I apologise on Caz's behalf. She seems to have forgotten that there is stuff in between sexual tension and kissing."






*elly doesn't mind*


i'm going to regret writing this tomorrow lol


this random random RANDOM sleep deprived mcweir


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i'll find somewhere to post-it




please tell them i wasn't in my right mind


*will think about making the note*


i think i can have a crack at another


um,,... hmm... ball - not dirty mind, just like you soccer ball base ball foot ball

they're all supposed to be one word


one word


Here's a very short fic for you:


Everyone on Atlantis played soccer.


oh god ba'al's sexy


Rodney tackled Elizabeth and landed on top of her.


sorry continue




that was quick


"You're lying on me," Quoth she.

"Heeheehee," Was quoth of Rodney.

Beckett ran on and pulled Caz off, who was beginning to rhyme and make the Bard turn in his grave.


he says he glad he didn't destroy it!










what happens next


Rodney blinked, "Have we escaped the crazy rhyming?"

"I think so," Said Elizabeth, "But I must warn you. I think I have the McWeir Virus."

 Rodney frowned,

"That sounds familiar..."

His eyes widened.

"You're still lying on top of me," Elizabeth reminded him.

Rodney turned pink and cleared his throat. He said nervously,

"You wouldn't happen to want to pass this virus on would you?"

"I thought you'd never ask!"


They kissed. Ick. They were sweaty. But there's always showers. Yes. Showers.


Beckett turned to the camera and said,

"Hide your children."






there's another for you




*rubs head* i have a feeling i've written something that will make me look crazy

right. mcweir.




Rodney saw Lizbeth

She saw him and said "Kiss me"

So Rodney had to.






i think you're getting sleepier lol you're a push over.


:D:D:D:D:D hehee


me push over? surely you jest.


surely i need not prove it


Rodney: Lizbeth!




*nervously wonders if those caromellos had something else in them*


*they kiss*


could have been the sprinkles






There were chocolate sprinkles on Rodney's desk in the lab.


Elizabeth came in and her eyes immediately went to the box, locked with a huge padlock.

She looked around, saw no one and tried ripping it open. It didn't work. She sighed sadly.

She tugged at it again. She tugged REALLY hard and the box disintegrated. The sprinkles went everywhere!

Rodney ran in, saw the mess and looked very dismayed. He glanced at Elizabeth and his eyes got a weird Thor-like-be-prepared glint in them.




"They are everywhere," Rodney said of the sprinkles. He took her hands, which were covered in the chocolately specks. He continued, "And I want some."

He kissed her hands. Then licked the sprinkles off her fingers. Elizabeth blinked.


*elly double blinks*


"Can we pretend I have sprinkles in my mouth?" She asked hopefully.

Rodney kissed her and she responded. While they stood happily, Beckett snuck in and swept the sprinkles into his own little padlocked box.

As he did so, he turned to the camera, "I tried to tell Caz these weren't worth the trouble. Now she is writing things she's going to regret once off this sugar high."




but elly won't




"But," Beckett continued, "She may write better quality McWeir to make up for it."




Elizabeth was talking to John. It looked intimate. Rodney saw and got jealous.


He grabbed his laptop, Zelenka's laptop, Beckett's petunias, Bates' suspicion drive, Bob's dart, Steve's dart, Perna's corpse, Kavanaugh's corpse and threw them at Sheppard!


*cough* what?




No one knows what happened to Kavanaugh but it involved an electric chair that Rodney thought was a perfect match for the sleazy dude.




Anyway. The objects threw Sheppard off balance and over the balcony! John fell screaming into the huge wave from that beach scene in Deep Impact.

Rodney laughed evilly. Elizabeth blinked then also laughed evilly.

They shared an evil kiss.

"You wanna go out?" Rodney asked.

"Let's," Said Elizabeth, "We should watch Bates get his butt kicked by Jinto as a date."

They walked off arm in arm.


Beckett turned to the camera and said, "These are getting weirder and freakier."


*elly agrees* :D eh MCWEIR


you are REALLY going to have to put an explanatory note


really really?


Beckett ran down the hallway. Rodney peered out his door and queried,

"What's wrong?"

"A random lass just appeared in my bed," Beckett explained, out of breath, "I think her name was Caz."

"Weird," Said Rodney as Beckett ran off.

Rodney returned to his room. SUDDENLY Elizabeth appeared on his bed. Rodney blinked. This was becoming an epidemic!!

"Stop thinking those thoughts," She scolded him.




"What thoughts?"

"THOSE thoughts."


"Any idea why this is happening?" Rodney demanded. Elizabeth shrugged. She got up to leave, very determined to go. She was dressed in those embarrassing Star Wars pyjamas.




Rodney looked down at himself. He was wearing that embarrassing Mr Fantastic t-shirt.

"Ah," They both said.


*mc come get me lol*


continue lol


"I'm bored," Elizabeth said. "Me too."

SUDDENLY she yelled,





So they fought. And Rodney had no more pillows. Beckett fwaped Caz,

"Stop crossing over with other stories!"


Rodney and Elizabeth went through every room on Atlantis and destroyed all the pillows.

Then they decided they could go on a date. Rodney blinked,

"How did that happen? We haven't even got to the usual kiss that this writer usually does."

"We should rectify this," Elizabeth declared and they snogged.




Beckett turned to the camera and said, "Caz, I think ye've done enough damage."


and I am really out of it


i need sleep




so i don't make this any worse




wait one last bit


Caz was sitting in a white padded room. She beamed at the camera and said,

"And those are the many ways that Elizabeth Weir and Rodney McKay hooked up. I'm quite comfortable now. And I have a room mate."


Beckett moved into the frame and said desperately, "I'm not mad! NO! I'm not mad!"

He kissed Caz. Blinked. And said, "I AM MAD!"


omg *has very disturbing thought*


Caz beamed at him.


And decided this fic should e.....




good night!






Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"