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Night 10 - Beware the Hand of MSN
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The Inbox OF DOOM

Caz: An attempt to dis two TV characters landed me in hot water... 

sadly there was no lorne or mckay


thank god for that






i'm a little over them


they've been shoved down my throat


i'm choking


actually i guess i'm just over the whole show














you said it not me :D


that's... so so wrong


that's the most wrong thing you've said in a while


it's pretty bad actually!


*is distraught*




you can't recover from that




 (sssshhhh, if the bunnies can't hear you scream, it means they've pushed you out of the airlock)


John Sheppard: Caz, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full.

Caz: Holy...


beckett: save room for *cannot complete sentence*

msn's censoring me!


Zelenka: I am getting strange readings.

Narrator: Beware the hand of MSN...

Narrator: can turn into a fist.

Caz: *agape*

Oma: Sit down before you hurt yourself.

Zelenka: What was the sentence?

Beckett: Are ye sure ye wish to know?

Zelenka: Of course I'm sure.




PG what happened to PG


mckay: Personal Guilt won out

ba'al: *stretches*

elly:  i thought you were locked away


GT: Be careful what you narrate...

Caz: Elly! I didn't know you liked locking him up.


cashews: "we're happy little vegemites"


vegemite: "we're happy little cashews..."

cashews: prepare for war, vermin!

vegemite: die you psychopathic nut jobs!


replicator chicks: *devour both cashews and vegemite*


*a suspicious humming noise comes from replicator's body*


*replicator spawns*


Ba'al: Did someone start stroking it...Rodney?

Rodney: How should I know?




OMGZ that came out so very wrong

with visual aids as well

elly: i need something to lay on

ba'al: right here

elly: off the couch NOW


*replicator pops up an antenna*

Beckett: Rodney, I think it's happy to see ye.


incoming transmission

replicator: Prepare to die


Caz: *sinks to floor looking horrified*


mckay: that's it, we're uninstalling the voice software


GT: Can we keep the martini mixer?


mckay: providing it doesn't broadcast our location


John Sheppard: I happen to like my GPS shaken, not stirred.


elly: who let the dog in?


Beckett: This is an Immunity Members Club only.

John Sheppard: Woof. I mean. I belong here.


ba'al: and YOU don't have the equipment

elly: he means, 'multipass'


John Sheppard: My equipment is fine! I need no multipass!


John Sheppard: why is GT looking at me like that?


Teyla: No, Colonel... your equipment makes you arrive multi-fast...

GT: * smiles suspiciously*

:O :O


Caz: *holds up hand* Wait. What. TEYLA.


oma: i'll check it


Zelenka: Cheque please!

Caz: Scot please!

Zelenka: You little -

Oma: Down, bunny.


elly: down boys...

*there's a noise as someone hangs a, 'RISTRICTED AUDIENCES ONLY' sign on the door


Narrator: Mature Audiences recommended. But undesired.

*it rains cheese*


*replicators feed*


Rodney: Tasty.

John Sheppard: I don't think that was cheese, Rodney.


mckay: oh, it's the vaccuum code


Ford: Dude. Don't get things stuck in vacuums?


thor: *touches sheppard's hair*

ba'al: *looks appalled*

elly: not *THAT* hair

*caz has passed out on the floor*


*Beckett rushes to assist*

Caz: ....

Beckett: It's my stethoscope, I swear.


ba'al: i'm just not going to mention my hand device


John Sheppard: Guess that's kind of handy, huh?


thor: precisly why i confiscated it

elly: and i made you return it

mckay: i want out of this room

elly: quiet slave


Caz: *to elly* Is he handy?


elly; since his upgrade  he needed the parts

mckay: *presses zelenka's bunny tail*


Zelenka: If you value your hair, your hands and your oblong instrument... PUT THE TAIL DOWN.


elly: *cough* some of those are my property


Oma: As the tail is mine. *evil Ori glare*

Oma: *thinks for a minute* BOTH tails.


*replicators amass in army style*


*GT hides under bar*


ba'al: *protects LULU*

mckay: *jumps on couch with ba'al*

ba'al: *kicks him off*

ra: *yawns*

nuby: *struggles*

thor: *beams*


Oma: That don't impress me much.


elly: what's up with everyone?




replicator: "universal end approaching"


Oma: Okay, so you're a rocket scientist...

Zelenka: Ano?


elly: someone squish that bug


John Sheppard: WHOA! Point those guns someplace else!


elly: tie that sheppard down


Rodney: I'll get the bug spray. (6)

John Sheppard: I. AM. NOT. A. BUG.

*Beckett gets out a syringe*

Beckett: Yet.


replicator: *gnashes teeth*

John: i want out

elly: there is no out


GT: You may come, but never go.

*Caz glares*

GT: What?






elly: once you're thrust in here there's no escape

mckay: Unless you're ford - but he's always been on the small side


Beckett: Make sure to keep all limbs inside the carriage...

Caz: Honey.

Beckett: Gladly.

Caz: Wh - NO! Honey, stop this or else.

Ford: McKay's got a little what?


thor: *eyes narrow*

elly: when'd you get back?


Heimdall: Baby got back.

Hermiod: Shh.


thor: HUSH



*The Doctor appears*

Doctor: Did someone say Sonic Screw?





and EW CAZ


ba'al: it'd need batteries


Oma: I'll take two, thank you.

Zelenka: O_O



elly: recite pi

mckay: no

elly: *this close* to getting him in an infinite loop


Caz: 22 divided by 7?

Zelenka: Answer is 42.


oma: do not share divine secrets with those underlings


Zelenka: *sniffs* You were going to replace me with batteries.

Oma: No. I was going to make you an ENERGISER BUNNY.

Narrator: keep on going...and going...and going...




mckay: i think i'm going to choke on the ew

elly: i need a seat at the bar

bar stool: *glares menancingly*

gt: i think you're over the limit

elly: this whole place is over the limit!

mckay: limit of what?


Zelenka: Ne, as long as there's no green fairy, nothing is over the limit.

Green Fairy: You rang?

Zelenka: Shhh.

*Caz looks down at green jell-o suspiciously*


elly: no such thing as fairies

green fairy: *falls from the air and lands on a replicator*


*replicator buzzes*

Narrator: *sings to self* Feel the vibrations...

*Caz shakes fist at ceiling*


elly: if this results in little green winged replicators...


John Sheppard: Can someone untie me? Please?

Teyla: *advances wearing black leather*

John: *gulp*

Teyla: *smirk*

John: Please?

Teyla: Please what?

Ford: Ah, team bondage. I mean, bonding.


thor: buzz off, tiny

ford: :O


*Ford pulls out a lightsabre and activates it, waving it at Thor*

Thor: Clearly compensating for something.


elly: or lack thereof


Ford: Why you little -

Thor: Little what?

Ford: Little - oh for Goa'uld's sake.

*Ford grabs beaming stone and disappears*


thor: get back here midget


Caz: If he's a midget, does that make you a tripod?

Beckett: CAZ!

Caz: What? Everyone else is doing it!


ford: *falls from the sky* the stone rejected me


GT: Doing what?

Oma: Rabbits.


elly: is there are reason all these leashes appeared at the bar?


Caz: Here, lassie!

Beckett: if ye call, ye expect me to come jus' like tha'?

Caz: I thought we already had that arrangement.

Caz: ... or it's the leash for you!


John: maybe they're here on my account


Teyla: Yesss... these shall do nicely for you, John...


ba'al: what's with the breasty woman?

elly; *GLARE*

ba'al: it's her sticks that worry me

john: me too


Teyla: And what would you like me to do with your stick...s, John?

Rodney: This must be why they call them joysticks...


thor: they got nothin' on my beaming stone


Rodney: Ugh, no. I do not want to know where that stone has been.


elly: um, not sure there's anywhere it could go...

ba'al: is thor always that shade of lillac?


*all squint*

Oma: I do not recall his previous colour.


thor: we prefer 'shade'


Oma: Have it your way, Mr Sexy Pants.

Caz: NOOOOOO....


elly: :|

Ba'al: you two supreme beings should get a room already

Oma and thor: *consider*


Zelenka: *turns shade of red*

Gonzo the Muppet: They say he gets hopping mad...


elly: we need to install bouncers

mckay: i could program a replicator to -

elly: so help me if you make repli-bouncers


*Zelenka grabs Oma and demonstrates his new status as a battery-operated,*

Caz: Problem, narrator?



gt: *pours himself a drink*


*caz curls up on Beckett's lap*

Caz: Sleeeeeep time.


elly: *yawns*


so that was um






you started it

Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"