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Night 5 - Oh My Tummy Hurts
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The Inbox OF DOOM

Caz: From space cakes to reverse paedophilia...

oh my tummy hurts


stupid food




knew that brownie was dodge


HAHA space cakes


rodney: i feel just fine


elly: says he who's high on enzyme


Caz: I think he was always on it.


Beckett: I haven't checked his bloodwork consistently.

Caz: Why not?

Beckett: I use voodoo, you know.


rodney: oooh brownie

Elly: NO! bad rodney!

rodney: woof

elly: BAD BOY! *grabs brownie*

beckett: woof???


Caz: That's for later, Beckett.


Caz: *coughs* I mean


Caz: Stay away from the cakes!


audience: ^o)


SM's: mmm interesting


Beckett: *aside to audience* She wants me


noromos: *fingers in ears* NOT LISTENING


audience: No shit sherlock


beckett: oh pipe down chachi


audience: *GLARE*




okay i think i'm a little insane at the moment


*takes a step back* this has "late night" written all over it


*ponders life the universe and collars*


hey that could be a book


Caz: *singing to Beckett* Do you loooooooove me?

 Audience: *echo Do-you-love-me*




*bounces around*


*hits head on...on.....ceiling*


i thought you'd be darker than that at the moment


oh you want dark?


*hears sexy boy in the background*


and yes that can be interpreted a number of different ways


are we ready for dark?


audience: there's darker?



Beckett:*sings*  You took the words right out of my mouth, oh it must have been when you were kissing me.


ooh i love those songs


*jumps back and lands in rodney's arms*


rodney: um hi?


elly: she's scaring me again


rodney: would it make you feel better if i wore the collar?


elly: *nods*


audience: *backs away*


Beckett: And ye think we're bad, elly!


Caz: Hypocrite :D


elly: what?




Beckett: Ouch.

Caz: Sorry.

Beckett: Yer not sorry.

Caz: Hehe.


Caz: Oi! Watch where you put that!

Beckett: Sorry.


*both parties appear to be distracted*


Caz: No you're not.


Beckett: Aye :D :D


caz that was R


*warns audience*


no it wasn't


was it?


*Caz's assistant from another time, Major Boothroyde, aka Q, steps out*


*of a shower*


*wearing a dry suit*


elly: i'm going to go with this *listens*


Q: Please be advised that Caz has a post-it note on her saying R!


Q: I will use one of her favourite sayings to describe her currently.


Q: Dirty! Bad!


Caz: I'm not the paedophile!

Q: No, you're the opposite. And YOU *to Beckett* are the paedophile.


I: you all need help


rodney: who are you?


I: i am the spoon


elly: there is no spoon


Q: oh god the spoon


I: wtf?


elly: i think you said it


um *blink*


Caz: *tugs at collar*


Q: See!


Caz: Oh shut up.


Caz: What's the name for a reverse paedophile anyway?


elly: um i think this is a unique situation


i think we'll call it immunity




Beckett: Ye know, my dear, this makes us perfect for each other.

Caz: Exaaaaaactly. Anyone with issues with this can lodge a complaint on a date with Q.




Audience: ewwwwww


I: eewwwwww


goodness me it's HPC


i thought it was SPC?


Hy - Per - Caz


ahhhh right


no idea why i said that just now


Caz: Why is there a letter addressed to CAB here?


*yawns* i'm so sleepy


Wanna buy some death sticks?


Beckett: Ah, that's mine.






Beckett: No the letter.




rodney: the sticks?


Beckett: My middle name starts with A.


HPC: CAB!!!!!!


elly: *blinks*


rodney: who's calling a cab?


elly: you want some what?


Caz: Beckett and I were in a cab once.


Beckett: Aye, we had to pay the driver to leave.


Zelenka: JEZIS TMI


Daniel: Is tmi czech?


Zelenka: No, acronym - too much information.


elly: *FWAP*


and now i must go to bed




Caz: *to Beckett* Want to hail a cab?


Beckett: Come here.

Caz: Here is hardly the place.

 Beckett: True.


*Caz & Beckett run off to the kitchen*


omg! *backs away*


*the door LOCKS*


rodney: well, now we're here


elly: alone


rodney: where'd that lead go?


*saucepans clatter*


and on that note, goodnight :)


yes goodnight don't let beckett bite - too hard


Oh well. If he's naughty i'll punish him (6)





Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"