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Night 8 - Everything's On Fire
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Caz: If the rating wasn't through the roof before...

lol Beckett is da devil


*cuddles evil devil beckett*


devil worshiper


i is not


I am a Beckett worshipper


*pokes Beckett’s horns*


*pokes Beckett's horns again*


Beckett: Stop tha'.


Caz: :D


okay now that is really weird imagery


*Caz giggles at Beckett*


*Beckett threatens Caz with pitchfork*


Caz: Kinky.


Beckett: *raises eyebrows*


*elly bolts door*


*door bursts into flames*


elly: aww crap


*covers eyes*


Caz: Sold my soul...


Beckett: :D


beckett: *owns her soul*


Caz: I'm not sure if I should be worried about this.


Beckett: Donae ye worry. We can have BBQs every day.


Caz: *eyeing smoking hair*Yes I'm sure of that.


zelenka: You're not the only one who sold your soul
oma: *hugs ascended bunny*


Caz: You sold your soul, Z? I thought you didn't like Oma.


zelenka: it was stolen from me


oma: rightfully mine via your lack of prenup


zelenka: *mockingly* via my lack of prenup


Caz: *to Beckett* Do we have a prenup?


beckett: *plays with caz's soul*


Beckett: Can't call it stealing if it was given to me.




Caz: Play with me instead.


Beckett: As ye wish.


*rodney and ba'al turn to elly*

*elly plays with the six or seven sould floating above her head*
rodney: this is NOT good
ba'al: she's even got my host soul!


*Beckett arranges Caz's hair into horns*


*ba'al backs away*

"this is too sokarian for my liking"


Caz: *swats Beckett's hand* Oi. I like my hair the way it is.


*the horns refuse to be flattened*


*Caz pats horns on her head*
Caz: Gah


rodney: you know water will help that


*Caz puts water on hair*


*hair steams*


Beckett: Yer hair is mine, too.


Caz: Oh dear.


zelenka: forgot to read the fine print...


Caz: Ok so now I'm the queen of the underworld...shouldn't I get an office or something?
Beckett: Who said ye were queen?
Caz: It's an assumption based on the fact that I know you extremely intimately.
Beckett: I see.
Caz: So you do.


beckett: No, i said i see - not i do


Caz: *mumbles something in his ear*
Beckett: *little wicked grin*
Caz: Right. So about that office.
Beckett: Donae push it.


*Beckett snaps his fingers*
*Caz's outfit becomes red and...interesting*
Caz: Um.
Beckett: :D
Caz: You horny devil you.

I have money to BURN


*beckett burns it*




Beckett: Why not?




caz: buys chocolate sauce


Beckett: Aye, this is true. *pokes Caz's horns*
Caz: Oi! I am allowed to poke yours but you can't poke mine!
Beckett: But yer hair -
Caz: Is yours. Right.


*Zelenka pats hair sorrowfully*


*oma strokes it*


*Beckett nibbles Caz's hair*
*Caz glares*
*Beckett murmurs sweet nothings in her ear*
Caz: Ok it's just creepy when your devil husband suggests burning people on a romantic date.


zelenka: why oh why didn't i take the green pill


Daniel: Green pill?


zelenka: which dimension do you live in pal


daniel: ah, this one?


zelenka: my point exactly

oma: *to daniel* you want one?

*offers him green and red pill*


Daniel: Which one helps me escape?


*daniel opens mouth and points oddly*


daniel: according to logic, isn't this a catch 22


zelenka: no you moron, take the green pill


oma: *oma growls*


*daniel takes the red one and yelps as morpheus appears*


daniel: oops...


this conversation scares me




in the highest degree




but I like it


Caz: So I'm confused. How does the devil get away with being an innocent teddy bear on SGA?


*rodney picks up green pill*


elly: NO! bad rodney


*Thor paints on war stripes*


*he does the haka*


bala: *raises eyebrow*


*and joins*




*they start fighting over the staff*


*staff does macarena*


*Caz and Beckett tango*


- yes, that was originally a typo but then i decided to leave it there on purpose


*bala and baal were walking one day...*


almost sounds like vala


vala: where did you think that mystery child of mine came from?


Ba'al and Vala...:o


elly: *GLARES*


*Caz tries to iron hair flat*


Caz: Ow! My horns attacked me.


*it bounces back, horns sharpened*


Caz: Beckett, darling, I can't go to school looking like this. My Christian school, or had you forgotten that?
Beckett: *sharpens his horns nonchalantly*


*Caz scratches behind his horns*


*Beckett grins happily*


*Daniel head butts Morpheus*


*elly gets all weirded out*


Morpheus: You are the chosen one - ow.


Daniel: DIE! DIE! BALDY!


*General Hammond, perturbed, wears a toupee*


*agent smith appears*




daniel* looks about* you mean me?


smith: You just won't DIE


daniel: uh oh


*Daniel gets twitchy*


*morpheus plays with pills*
trinity: STOP THAT!


Ford: Dude, this is why you have no hair. You take too many pills.


Morpheus: I like your hair.


smith: I took both pills and i'm just fine


Ford: White trash.
Morpheus: !!!


ford: Dude, you are far from fine


Morpheus: I am not white trash!


Ford: In the real world...


daniel: he's kind of an off brown


*Ford snorts a cat*


morpheus: silent bunny boy


daniel: *points at zelenka* that's bunny boy


Zelenka: *nose twitches*


*Zelenka eats carrot*


morpheus: my mistake


Caz: Ok there is bunny poo pellets on the floor.


Oma: Bad bunny!


Zelenka: *shifty*


elly: SHOO!


rodney: sizes?


elly: right you! out of the gutter!


Oma: I may have to spank my bunny.


Caz: O_O


elly: *head in hands* uh no


*rodney appears in collar*


*Zelenka screams and hides behind a lamp*


*fluffy tuft sticking out*


*thor squeezes it*


daniel: *that was wrong*


*Beckett burps, throwing out a flame over everyone's heads*


Beckett: Duck!

Caz: Roasted.

Beckett: Mmm.


*Heimdall strip teases*


*taking off skin*


Heimdall: My real name is Carmen Electra.


*Carmen Electra runs on*
Carmen: Like no. You're my evil twin sister.


Heimdall: I'm a female?


*Carmen Electra bursts into flames, screaming*


thor: i hope so


Daniel: I don't understand how they can...
Oma: Trust me, they can.


Daniel: How?


Oma: You don't want to know.


daniel: but i want to know!


*oma whispers something*


daniel: why did you have to tell me that!


nightmares! nightmares!


*scar appears on daniel*


daniel: *mutters*


*Caz head butts Beckett with her horns*


*Caz dissolves into giggles*


*caz bounces*


*Beckett patiently sits her in his lap*


*Caz bounces on his lap*


*Beckett looks around for a blanket*


*daniel wets his finger and tries to wipe scar away*


Zelenka: I think I smell something burning.


*his tail is on fire*


Zelenka: TAIL!?!


Narrator: Don't look at me. I didn't put it there.


zelenka: *swears and hops*


daniel: *points and laughs as another scar appears*


*replicator walks past carrying blue pills with a sign saying: "Salvation this way"*


*Beckett smites replocator*


*replicator laughs at replocator*


*replicator cares not for lesser demons*


*Beckett pokes tongue out*


*Caz...does something with aforementioned tongue*


*replocater gets offended and walks off with red pills*


"This way to hell"


Beckett: Home sweet home.


Oma: Decent prices there.




Oma: Aww my bunny is on fire.




beckett: it's hell, everything's on fire


Caz: Even the sales.


Oma: *pats Z's burning bottom*


smith: shameless


*omoroca appears*


*omoroca rocksa*


bob: who are you?
smith: I am smith. Who are you oh off blue one?
bob: I am steve.
steve: and i am bob
bob&steve: and we are smith
smith: *is a little weirded out*


Sheppard: *appears wearing sunnies*


*o'neill appears and takes them back*

o’neill: fly boy, how many times have i told you, "CAN"T TOUCH THIS!"


*beware the x-ray vision of the devil*


Narrator: I said nothing.


*Caz grabs Beckett's pitchfork*


*shuffles bales of hay*


*hay explodes in flames*


*the staff gets jealous*


*staff eyes pitchfork*


*the staff wants to be grabbed*


*pitchfor...WTF ELLY LOL*


*pitchfork eyes staff*




this is too scary!


so up the rating


this seems to be late nights... :S


"up the rating" latenight?


it's not our usual setting tho lol


or is it...


*Beckett has um...horns*


well, see it's really an in house costume party for thor's 5000th and beckett got to choose the decor


thor: how nice of you to consider my complexion


*Caz looks at Beckett's glowing form*
Caz: I hope so.




*Beckett head butts Caz with horns*
Caz: OI! Only I can do that.


Heimdell: Devil mating habits...


*Ori slinks over to Vala*


*Ori head butts Vala*


thor: can we go roast the bunny already?


Zelenka: :O


ba'al: i wanna pin his tail first


Zelenka: I am a protected species!


oma: all in good time


zelenka: :O


*hides behind couch with singed tail sticking up*


*thor squeezes it again*


Heimdall: squeezy!


*Fraiser floats past, eating wabbit*


* a syringe follows close by a pair of white gloves*


Zelenka: *nervously flattens tail*


Elmer Fudd: Be vewy vewy quiet.


*beckett puffs off a flame ring*


*flame ring burns a hole through...*


*the moon*


*moon humping wraith appear*


bob and steve: WE LIKE THE MOON


*smith backs away*


smith: i don't like this game anymore


*these sunglasses will self destruct to 10 seconds*










Narrator: What happened to 7?


*a black cat walks passed twice*




oma: eh, glitch














elly: frak this shit! *pushes pause button*




*the explosion pauses*


Daniel: That wasn't a very loud explosion.


elly: hey cool! *rewind*




*elly turns up volume*






















*steps it forward*


oma: QUIT IT!


*Boum is a latin word meaning*


you screwed up lol






*bruce willis pops by* BIG BADDA BOOM


Ba'al: Boum, Nuby. Boum.




*Nuby explodes*






elly: *REWIND*


Nuby: ow...


*Nuby's guts reappear*


Caz: ewwwwww


Caz: It's like that film I saw backwards of maggots eating a mouse.


Bob: *perks up, interested*


*elly changes the room so that it turns pink with pink flames*


*Beckett GROWLS*


ba'al: *goes all glossy*


*Beckett's hair is now pink*


*a ring of red flames surrounds the Beckettses*


*Beckett swats at pink hair*


*elly grins wickedly holding her pink staff*


rodney: where'd she get that?


*Caz sees Wolverine walk past*


*Wolverine lights cigar on ring of flames*


Wolverine: G'day.


ba'al: the staff or the wolf?


i have to go to bed


*Beckett throws Caz over his shoulder*


*the room turns pink*


*Beckett growls*


*elly grins*


Beckett: Yer lucky we're going home or I'd SMITE ye.


that's all folks


Caz: Smite me, baby, smite me.


*the room vanishes*


oh mighty smiter


*bruce frowns*


*meanwhile in the underworld...Caz and Beckett experiment with someone's horn*






*Narrator glares*








night lol


*elly pauses it*


Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"