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Night 3 - Rating Through the Roof
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Caz: This was meant to be on a kid friendly forum. But uh...elly told me that the rating was dicey.

    *tribbles happen*


sorry random


i bought a year book today, you have to sign


do i now




plus my teddy


but i don't have that yet


i think i'll call him mckay


we'll have to get beckett to sign you


then we can hold an auction


*reminded of amusing star wars spoof*


don't remind me of that sordid fic


it wasn't sordid


but it was a spoof


and there were rapid fangirls begging Luke Skywalker to sign a place...




but anyway!


*laptop almost slides off bed*


*Caz dramatically dives after it*


*she rescues her precious*






*Caz was absently hitting things*




and shes going a bit whacko


aw come on


she stayed up late last night


and there are no asterixes


uh oh


I have issues. Aha! *chuckles to self*




LMAO and it's scarves not ropes lol, comfort my dear LOL




*continues to read list*


and Jesus was born in a town called Beckett


i can't believe you did that!








what can ah say?


*mutters incoherently*


*replies to beckett obsession*


uh oh! LMAO


heh. collars? tut


did i saw that out loud?


omg i did...


*hides somewhere*


*Caz nods happily*


*she runs into wall*


*she passes out dramatically*


shboom. shboom.


what is that?


i'm going crazy.


time for digression i think


hmm i'm getting Late Night Caz vibes for real.




Rodney McKay walked into the infirmary.


He had run out of bandaids and he couldn't help but feel unsafe around Zelenka. The Czech had been acting really weird.


Like sharpening his teeth on carrots and hopping about the place.


But anyway.




Rodney was in the infirmary. He heard odd sounds. No one was there but Carson Beckett!


Beckett was holding a doll of Kavanaugh and poking pins into it!


"I knew it!" Rodney shouted, "Voodoo!"


Beckett looked very guilty.


Rodney grabbed the doll of him


Rodney tore of its head.


"Did that kill the bastard?" Rodney wanted to know.


*from above they both heard the screams of "his head fell off!"*


Rodney clapped his hands in glee and said,





that was almost too harsh - *pause* almost...


Then Rodney got a brainwave.


He said to Beckett,

"Can you make Lizbeth fall madly in love with me?"


"No, lad," Beckett told him, then added when Rodney looked depressed, "She already has fallen madly in love with you."


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Rodney blinked. He coughed,

"Uh, what do I do?"


"Go and kiss her," Beckett ordered and muttered, "Guess I won't be needed this love potion."

Rodney demanded,

"What love potion?"

"The lass wanted you to fall madly in love with her. So just go and kiss her and tell her you're not under any spell!"




Rodney ran, then ran back. He demanded,

"Carson, you're not talking much brogue today."

He bolted out and snogged Liz.


Beckett turned to the camera and said,

"Caz is forgetting to put accent markers in. She regrets to inform everyone that she loves me still the same even with a dodgy Scottish accent."



     He added despairingly,

"Why oh why did I do it?"


hmmmmmmmm thishould go somewhere


*elly turns to camera*


*caz would also like to inform viewers that she no longer requires the use of spaces between words. Deal with it*


eh what she said




hmmmmm i feel like MORE


yes MORE


woot MORE


do an rmm called more




*Caz got idea which was so not pg*


if it's mcweir continue






not when i'm like this


oh man no


if it has to do with a furling


i don't want to go there




dont' make me write a thingay called More


it will turn out seedy


and then where will i be?


okay, i'll write one called more


*Caz finds PG idea*


oh wait. you go. *shelves it*


g-o-g-g-o i said my goggo mobile. share


*Caz mopes*


right. More.


never mind  yes, more


i have an idea.


*Caz silences and sits on edge of bed in deep thought*


Elizabeth Weir wanted chocolate. She thought it was fairly indecent of Rodney to give her a little taste of the block then not give her any more.

"More," She ordered.


Rodney sighed and broke off another piece.


Elizabeth smiled in content as it melted in her mouth. She swallowed it and looked pleadingly at him.


"More," She said again.


this could get maish




wait, MA-ish




*coughs* guess where it's set


*stays quiet*


Rodney groaned then said firmly,

"No! It's all mine."

He rolled over and took his block of chocolate to the other side of the bed.




did i say bed?


yes. bed.




He reminded her,

"I didn't start sharing my apartment with you just so you could swindle me of my chocolate."

"But..." Elizabeth shifted over and reached an arm around him to the block, "More."




i don't write MA for the record




ok my nose just grew a few metres




but let's push on




Rodney firecely guarded his chocolate, but she knew how to get past his defences. Elizabeth kissed his ear, his cheek and then his lips. Rodney, thinking she'd given up on the chocolate, kissed her back.


He had been duped, however. She snatched the block and rolled over the other way. Rodney growled in frustration.


"I'll give you a little bit," Elizabeth promised.


*sticks a post-it note with WARNING MA on the convo*


She snapped off a tiny piece and  tossed it over her should at him.


Rodney devoured it and said, trying not to sound desperate,

"Eh...more please."

"More? You want more?" She laughed.


"This isn't funny, Liz."




She looked over at him. Rodney scowled. She commented dryly,

"Oh what a sour puss."

"Just give me my chocolate!" Rodney demanded.


that's such a rodney thing to do


Elizabeth threw the block against the wall. It shattered, chocolate bits flying everywhere. Rodney looked miserable. She rolled to him and kissed his lips. She pulled back, grinning,

"I say we forget the chocolate."

"More," Rodney said, trying hard not to smile.

"What? More chocolate?"

"No. More this."

Rodney kissed her.




and you can think however THAT turns out


*rolls over to wall*

Caz: *to picture of Beckett* Hi stud.


*the Beckett in the picture almost looks terrified*


and my rmm was not MA


blah. 'twas the american PG-13


if that


Australian M perhaps


side - show - bob -


just coz of setting

     just be glad i didn't write any more






*rolls over to Beckett picture again*


i never thought pictures could look scared


but there ya go


next on Late Night Caz - one of those weird random things she writes.


Caz: I'm hungry.


Beckett: *to the camera* This is not safe.


Caz: I'm hungry for LOVE and CHOCOLATE


*Caz swears she hears weird things*


*elly believes her and passes a chocolate cashew*


*eats happily*


i heard something in my room


it is freaky






you spend too much time around thor


i'm scared


i mean


and it's not even lights out yet


*sends beckett out to help*


*snuggles into Beckett's chest and refuses to open eyes*


gah i can't do this it's too late




my head isn't working


i keep seeing fuzzy lights




tomorrow perhaps


yes.......*Caz's eyelids droop*


are you going to bed?


not yet




so yes.


It was a HOT day in Atlantis.


Beckett was walking around in TINY TINY boardshorts.


in what?






i know, it's just the way you said it


And because Rodney hadn't planned for this kind of weather, he had to borrow a pair off Beckett.


So Rodney was walking around in TINY TINY boardshorts.


and a collar


And a collar.






Zelenka was walking around in furry speedos.


No one asked why they were furry.






and bunny ears


And he was wearing bunny ears.


he maintained it was for festive reasons




no one dared mention it was christmas


But it was hot and it was summer.


Perhaps he was confused, as most people were. Nothern Hemispherers had issues.


on Atlantis that is.


which actually turned out to be western hemispheres


Sheppard and Ronan had injured each other while trying to fight over Teyla.


Teyla, angry with their childish antics, beat the crap out of them with her stilletos.


Stilletos? Well. Teyla somehow had them.


Not sure how.


zelenka hopped past


So Beckett was walking around and looking hot. In two senses of the word. Caz was watching him. She sighed in the way that fangirls do when they see some hot property.


*how many times can Caz say "hot" in one paragraph?*


i'm sure you can manage more than that lol




I'm not one for subtleties.


Beckett was knocked out when Caz jumped at him. He woke up later and remembered something to do with ropes.


But that's another story.


(um. don't think that'll get on any forum)


scarves and silk


scarves and silk


and probably not lol


So yes. Rodney in TINY TINY boardshorts.


Elizabeth saw him and copied Caz's example.


Rodney was taken by surprise.


but he wasn't upset about it.


Although he wasn't wild about the ropes.


Zelenka hopped past both supply closets.


Supply closets? Since when were there supply closets?


since they were required


yes. they were REQUIRED


Oma grabbed Zelenka by his furry speedos.


And this will never go on forum


because this is just too racy


especially when they start in speedos


BAHA true


Zekenka was terrified.


But, as Oma told him, he shouldn't dress up so provocatively if he was trying to avoid her.


he maintains to this day that it wasn't by his design.


So there was a third supply closet REQUIRED.


The next day, Rodney didn't shout at anyone.


Beckett was nowhere to be seen, ringing in..."sick". Never mind that there are no phones to ring by.


wait a sec


Zelenka spent the day jumping at shadows.


who got rodney!




oh dear


Well her name is Eli












i get the original




He was with elly, see, in another supply closet.


okay good




this story has no plot


no but it was going somewhere


Beckett revealed he was a HALF-FURLING


And Caz got a wee bit upset


but then he groomed her, with great attention to detail. But let's not go there.


*elly wonders if furlings are really tribbles*




I guess everyone lived happily ever after.


in closets?




So there.


Caz likes being groomed.


With great attention to detail.


The two Rodneys never knew of the other.


Zelenka ended up burrowing with Oma and they have 12 kids.


12 rather floaty, flamy kids.


that choice of words alone warrents a rating






and it is time for Caz to go to bed


without Beckett sadly


*is in the oddest of moods*




so i'll be on...




and ready to continue this......




*note to self: make webpage called Late Night Caz and Elly*


becoz, my friend, this isn't all my fault


"late nights with caz and elly"


we should call it:


quick quick


"so you think you're immune?









*blink* i'm insane



Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"