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Night 9 - McKay's Anatomy
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There are many doctors called Meredith...

Ba'al is goingto BOBW in November




uh huh yeah :D


Ba'al and Apophis at the same con...they're going to start a riot


is stalking allowed?


Apophis: I object!

Thor: There is nothing to object to.

Apophis: Yes! I refuse to be stalked.

Caz: Pipe down, no one would stalk you.


*elly stalks*


*Ba'al and Rodney feel left out*


*Ra munches fortune cookies*


*Ra reads fortune cookie*


rodney, you're already handcuffed to me, why would i stalk?


Ra: Expect to slide into a parallel dimension and land in something unpleasant.


Rodney: You stalk because you collect.


Beckett: Aye, that's true.


elly: SH! rodney, we're stalking!


Beckett: Elly's famed collection...


Caz: I have but one man in my collection and his name is not Matt.


Beckett: *scowls*


Caz: Ah, but Beckett said yes.




rodney: Sh!


Heimdall: Pardon me, but Beckett didn't say yes.


All: WHAT?!


*Caz faints*


Radek: Ne, don't scare her like that.


Heimdall: *grudging*


thor: all right, who took the beaming stone


Beckett: I didn't say yes.




Ba'al: He said "aye".


Thor: I'm sure this is supposed to make sense.


GT: Dude, just go with it.




Ford: DUDE


Dude: Yes?


Ford: When did Dude arrive?


Teal'c: What is a "dude"?


Ford: When did HE get here?

Teal'c: I am uncertain. Prepare to slide.



*Ford and Teal'c disappear*


Dude: Totally ripped, man.


Bartender: OMG i have cashews


*Bartender is pounced*


rodney: no you don't *steal*


*a cashew flies into the air*


*it is zapped*


*by ORI FIRE!*


Oma: Roasted cashew, my favourite.


Radek: Jezis...


Rodney: I got a question. Why are we calling him "Radek"?


elly: Fire extinguisher


Caz: Is there a fire extinguisher?


radek: because it's as far away from the word bunny as i can get


Beckett: But not far enough away from "rabbit".


Narrator: Henceforth, Radek Zelenka will be known as rabbit.


Narrator: But it says it in the script!

*Oma burns the script*

Narrator: Ahem...


Bunny Boy: I have a bad feeling about this....


Beckett: Too late...


rodney: in this script, how many pages to i have?


ba'al: *looks awkward*


rodney: what?


ba'al: nothing


Elizabeth: But Rodney's job is to just look pretty.


Caz: 3...


Beckett: 2...


Thor: 1 second to disaster.


elly: *protects*




Ra: That was...non eventful.


Bartender: Tell me about it.


Nuby: ME!


Ra: You.


elly: where the frak are we?


rodney: hey, it glows red


Beckett: It's a tissue box.


Caz: o_O?


Beckett: Honey...

Caz: Uh...

Beckett: I shrunk ourselves, love.


Rodney: But why is it glowing red?


rodney: *knocks on metal tissue box*


thor: the replicators have evolved


bt: and they have a plan


Ba'al: odd plan


Bunny Boy: Can I have my name back now?


All: NO!


Oma; *sets box on fire*


Thor: We must counteract this plan with out own.


bunny boy: careful of the tail


Thor: That was not what I hand in mind...


Replicator: Hand in mind?


Thor: Heimdallan slip.


elly: guys, what happened to earth. we were just there. THOR!!!


Caz: Was Thor drinking last night?


thor: what? beaming is humourously random


ba'al: *Fwak*


thor: *GLARE*


Oma: It's all fun and games until someone breaks a nail.


ba'al: *Glow*


Thor: *beam*


*Caz dives behind lounge*


Beckett: Oh, so there's a lounge now?

Caz: Shuddup.


bunny boy: Brilliant. now look what you made him do. where are we?


ba'al: and it's PINK!


Heimdall: Tissues boxes do not have lounges.


Gollum: The pink, it burnssss us.


elly: *points* i need the bugs spray


oma: surely not *sets fire to it*


rodney: ewww...


thor: *beam*


Caz: BBQ?


*an anvil lands next to Rodney*


*Hermiod giggles*


Heimdall: Hermiod!


Thor: Hermiod!


*rodney gives a delayed jump*


Hermiod: Hermiod!


ba'al: in most universes you would be dead


Caz: Hermiod?


Hermiod; *nods* Hermiod.


thor and Heimdall: *facepalm*


Anvil: Hermiod


Red phone: Hammond.


Beckett: I think I need to lie down.


*Red Phone and anvil get married*


Oma: why not float?


Beckett: I think I shall float.


Caz: You think too much.


*tissue box sprouts legs and roams off with strange red light flashing across the top*


rodney: *watches*


Jack: No, Rodney, you cannot keep it.


Beckett: Good evening, General.


Jack: It says Colonel on my uniform.


elly: where'd nuby go?

jack: uh,

elly: give it back


Ra: You stole Nuby?


*Ra considers*


*Ra turns to thor*


Ra: *shouts* Quick let's go before he comes back!


elly: give me the beaming stone!


jack: what, this beaming stone? *holds it up*


thor: *GLOWER*


*Nuby runs through in platforms*


Beckett: Too late...




jack: this stone?


Zelenka: That stone.


Rodney: You got your name back!


Zelenka: Ano.


Zelenka: Hermiod.


Thor: Not again.


Oma: Are we not forgetting something?


Jack: The stone?


elly: get him rodney


rodney: *cower*


*box walks past whistling 'all alone in the watchtower'*


Elizabeth: That's it Rodney, bend over like that, oh yes.


Zelenka: o_O?


elly: Shouldn't you be unconscious?

elizabeth: ... i haven't read the script. OMG ARE THEY KILLING ME?

elly: *GLARE*


Beckett: Easy, love.


*a tumour explodes*


*Beckett glowers*


Narrator: Sorry, couldn't help myself.


elly: for the love of PETE


Pete: Yes?


sam: Die and marry a donut.


Pete: But then I would eat them.


Nuby: Life insurance!


Pete: Ah.


ba'al: wrong....


ba'al: so very wrong


Pete: what?


*Beckett looks at Caz*


Caz: Eat me, baby.


oma: *BURN*


Beckett: On the contrary, devour me.


elly: we're going to need noise cancelling headphones




Pete: Sorry!


rodney: and three serves of cashews


bt: i am not a bar tender


*Caz and Beckett roll away*


all except caz and beckett: THOR!!!!


thor: i have no beaming stone


Jack: This stone?


jack: What?






Oma; No he's not.


pete: looks like a donut


jack: away insect




Jack: Ew...


all: *EEEEW*


thor: even i know that's eww.


Nuby: ....*laughs weakly*


Ford: You have some seriously messed up fetishes.


ra: *fwaps nuby* don't say shit like that - people will hear you


jack: nice eye


Ford: my special wraith girlfriend thinks so.


jack: is that like, fancying hathor?


rodney: .... no.


Oma: Says he who fancies Wraith.


nuby: not unless hathor eats you




*from far off we hear disturbing references to food*


Rodney: What;s so disturbing about that?


Narrator: This is PG rated.


Oma: Wanna bet?


nuby: heee


elly: oh frak, the moon's out


Thor: I meet your PG and raise you M.


ra: *fwap*


*Caz and Beckett reappear*


jack: thor, uh, how?


Caz: did someone say moon?


Wraith: Don't get me started, I've been performing at theme parks all day.


ford: MY LOVE


steve: it's bob.


ford: where's STEVE


steve: uh,


Steve: I'm changing my name to Ellia.




Bob: NOOO!


jack: *blink*


Sheppard: See what we have to deal with all day?!


Jack: I see.


Thor: No, you participate.


Jack: I see first.


Zelenka: ACHOOOO!


sam: wanna fish?

 jack: Where?

sam: the black hole...

jack: no, i'm observing an alien culture.

sam: did daniel take over your body again?

jack: has the world gone completely cruvis?


*the room hides*


Zelenka: I shouldn't have sneezed...


oma: it was your destiny


Beckett: Start down the hay fever path and forever it will dominate your respiratory system.


Yoda: Unseemly, you are!


elly: oma, fetch rodney, ba'al and i some cashews.

oma: does it say waitress anywhere on this strange outfit?

rodney: is this a trick question?


Caz: Should we blackmail her with her sordid past?


Nuby: *grins suggestively*


yoda: i n u t s also would like


Beckett: Yoda wants nuts.


*Bartender looks down at Yoda*


Bartender: I'm sorry for your loss.


thor: don't you dare complain


Yoda: Those nuts, I have!


Ford: Dude, Narrator, Caz, that was bad.


room: *eye twitch*


Yoda: See?




elly: see we do not want


rodney: but do see we of you


elly: *blink*


jack: 'it'?


*a voice comes over the loudspeaker*---we did the mash...


----it was the MONSTER MASH----


Jack: No, IT was mashed potato.


---shut it, Colonel---


why does my head hurt, elly


because something weird just happened


Wraith: I find the Monster Mash racially offensive....


i think Late Nights just grew...


this isn't normal you know. this kind of conversation




It just....happened


several times


One minute there were butterflies and babies...


then the next...


cashews and black holes


Yoda: See your black hole, I want to.


Caz: Shush, no more.


all: *covers ears*


I'm sorry I downloaded a really scary Yoda thing


elly: give yoda a bc


Bartender: Affirmative.


*Yoda drinks and bounces away*

Yoda: Follow the butterflies, I will!


rodney: do we still need the fly swatter?


Ba'al: Keep it just in case.


Thor: No, I do not wish to be swatted again.


Heimdall: Indeed, we do not understand human mating habits.


rodney: nothing to swat


Thor: A low blow.


rodney: ..... *doesn't say it*


Beckett: Anatomy can be very scary...


Oma: I was watching a show called McKay's Anatomy...


Zelenka: Ano, I remember, the lead character was called MEREDITH.


Rodney: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Beckett: Aye, MEREDITH.


Nuby: Meredith.


Hermiod: Meredith.


Bartender: Hermiod.


Ba'al: Your name is Meredith?






Rodney: Maybe.


*room explodes with laughter*


elly: *looks for weapon to assault with*


Meredith Rodney Mckay!


his name is Meredith


Rodney: It is not!


Ba'al: Admit it, earthling.


Rodney: NEVER!!!


Darth McKay: I am your father!!!

Rodney: Ok.


Darth McKay: ???

Rodney: It's easier to accept.


elly: ...


elly: aren't you going to introduce me?


Caz: Elly, I think you have a potential father-in-law.


Darth McKay: Why hello .... ELLY


Darth McKay: You are exceptionally beautiful today.


*Ba'al and Rodney seethe*


elly: ba'al... need you for a sec


*Ba'al raises hand device*


Darth McKay: uh, why are there cashews all over this place


Thor: Earthling mating habit.


ba'al: do not speak while i am killing you


Darth McKay; ....want to buy some death sticks?




the same kaylee from stargate?


it's not working without Beckett!


how did you get this anyway?











Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"