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Night 2 & 2.5 - Maybe We Should Continue

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Night 2 & 2.5 - Maybe We Should Continue
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Caz: Much as I had been embarrassed the next day, it had been great fun.

Night 2


Liz: Oh Rodney, what if you get blown up?

Rodney: Never fear, I will make sure Grodin blows up!


Liz: You're so bad....I'm so attracted.




Rodney: Really? I'm so attracted too!!!!!!!!!


*they SMOOCH*




*John sees*

John: aww crap.

*he runs off a balcony*




Beckett: Noooo!! Now I will have to sit in the chair!

Chair: Come play.

Beckett: *turns to the camera* It's times like these you need...

Caz: Minties?

Beckett: No. Female characters.




you're in one of those moods


this could be a series


rodney doesn't look so hot in a spacesuit


Rodney: Never fear! I shall have to strip it off later!

Liz: I will help!

*in the milky way galaxy, psychic Katie Brown sits drinking coffee*

Katie: Nooooooooooo!

*Katie runs onto motorway*

that's harsh :D:D:D *excellent*


It is dark. And it is night. The Wraith fire upon the shield. It is light.

"Nice fireworks," Liz said happily, "Very romantic."

Rodney blinked. He frowned,

"But we are about to DIE."


"Romantic," She repeated.


Yay!! fireworks


Rodney looks. He concedes,

"A romantic death."




they can't die


Beckett turned to the camera and said grumpily,

"This is the real story. How Dr Beckett saved Atlantis while the smartest scientist snogged the expedition leader."




:D :D :D :D



Night 2.5


what happened to the beckett shower scene?


Beckett shower scene? the one I wrote? HOW DID YOU KNOW?!


i mean....yes......


not that I'm writing about Beckett in the shower


Beckett: Hm, how odd. There is a camera in my shower.






*Beckett inspects the camera*


*property of ellymelly*


*on the other end of camera*

Caz: Pass the popcorn.


Beckett: :O


*the room is full of Beckett fans*




Caz: Nice view.


*Beckett, freaked out by camera, runs from the room*

*he takes the towel with him*


Caz: What a shame.



*fwaps self*

i think it's TIMEEEEEEEE

*2001 plays*







for the sound of the GIGANTIC WERERABBIT!!!!!!!!!!




*Caz is promptly fwaped by Wallace & Grommit*


feel free to jump in


Rodney ran from the wererabbit!

Elizabeth ran from the wererabbit!

Katie Brown ran from the wererabbit!




John Sheppard ran from the wererabbit!

John ran off a balcony!

Katie Brown turned into a Furling!

Rodney looked at Liz and explained they were the only humans that ran from the wererabbit!




So they went to the mess for a date.


The wererabbit ran!


Katie Brown ran into Cadman who also turned into a Furling!


*blinks* that's what you get for inbreeding


They saw Beckett walk past!

Beckett saw them and freaked!

"Is our date off?" Cadman wept.


turned to the camera and said


Katie Brown, now a Furling, got mad because Cadman was hitting on the only male half-Furling in the city.

A bitch slapping fight ensued.

Beckett turned to the camera and said,

"This is what humans get for inbreeding."






There was a BBQ on Atlantis.


Everyone was invited.


Ba'al was lurking in the corner holding what looked suspciously like a pink pillow.




The roast spit was cooking. It looked very big. Too big to be a feral pig and too small to be a T-Rex and too sleek to be a Wraith.


"Smells good!" Said John enthusiastically.


Most people were having trouble digesting it.


All the scientists were loving it.


Then someone said,

 "Oi, where's Kavanaugh?"


The scientists all guilty wiped their lips of grease.


They then pointed at Rodney.


Rodney looked around nervously.








Beckett turns to the camera: "whoops"


Rodney explained,

 "Kavanaugh was sweating like a pig. He said so. I wondered if he would taste like one."




*people back away*


Jack O'Neill wondered if this was legal. He decided he didn't care.


Elizabeth Weir beamed at Rodney. She said,

"No more annoying 'private' conversations!"

She was so happy she threw her arms around him and kissed him.






ah mcweir!


Zelenka said,

 "Not that I care, but is that legal?"

Beckett turned to the camera and said,

"There are no laws in the Pegasus Galaxy. Mouse retrovirus anyone?"




*raises hand*


Rodney walks past a storage closet.


A sign on it says: "Do not disturb"


He knocks.


No answer.


He opens the door.

Elizabeth Weir is sitting in the dark with her laptop and coffee. She looked up and said brightly,

"This wireless really works!"


:D:D:D wireless in atlantis!


eh why not :D


Rodney was outraged.

"Wireless? WIRELESS?! Why was I not told?" He cried.

Elizabeth hushed him,

"Because I'm the only one who knows about it!"

Rodney's eyes widened,


"Well...Beckett's girlfriend set it up."



"The chair?"

 "You're not into inani are you? And no."




:D what do you know that i don't?


"Who is it?"

"Some Mary Sue."



"Mary Sue? Who is it?"

"Some crazy tribble called Caz."


what's a tribble....

you don't want to know...


Elizabeth pointed at elly, "What she said."

"Riiight. Hey, Liz, we're in a supply closet."

"No we're not."

"Yes we are."

"It's a storage closet."




"Liz, if I kiss you will you let me access wireless?"


Rodney was crestfallen.

He turned to go.






Elizabeth stopped him by laughing,

"Only if you snog me!"

"Ok!" Rodney said eagerly.




Zelenka ran past outside, screaming.

Oma chased after him.


shameless mcweir


and bunny boy


for good measure


Beckett turned to the camera and said,

"Caz is yet to write a Stargate Mary Sue. But if she does, the chair must DIE."


death of the chair? are you sure they can die?


altantis is incredibly redundant




She grabs the camera and puts her face into it.


"Apart from changing tenses for the heck of it and, inserting, random, commas, I have something to say."


*everyone waits*




Beckett: *pokes Caz* Inverted commas.

Caz: What about script format?

Beckett:*firmly* Inverted commas.

Caz: FINE!


"THE CHAIR MUST DIE!" Caz howled into the camera.




Beckett patted her arm,

"And why is that?"


*chair gets angry and arms squid*


Caz replied to his question.

But there was no talking.

Unless you count what Beckett finally turned to the camera and said.

I mean.

He said,

"Don't look at us, there's McWeir in the storage closet."




Then he added,



*Caz wondered if this was true Scottish brogue*


*Caz snuggles into Beckett pillows and blankets*

I'm not so crazy yet :(




awww you will be, i'm just too sleepy and tipsy to nudge you over the edge




*note to self: never drink ice tea*




*further note: two and a half glasses of wine plus a splice is probably a bit too much for two hours*

Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"