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When Elly is Alone
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Caz: Elly does and says some very odd thing when left to her own devices for too long.



or not... :(

*twiddles thumbs*


*starts roaming around the room looking for cashews*


*sharpens the spikes on Rodney's collar*


*begins conversation with the bar stool*


elly: so


bs: so


elly: i've been stood up how about you?


bs: you stood up? i've been waiting for you to return to the bar for over four months!


elly: oh, sorry about that. to my credit you did chase me and threaten to eat me


bs: i did?


elly: several times


bs: oh


elly: so we're cool?


bs: yeah we're cool :D




bs: you have anymore of that blue glowing substance? you know, the stuff that made you float and go?


bs: i mean, glow?


elly: yeah want some?


bs: yes please, i've been feeling a little grounded lately


*elly pours blue substance on bar stool*


*suddenly the stool glows brightly and lifts off the ground with an almightily roar*




elly: um


bs: NOW back to what i like to do best


elly: what's that?


bs: chasing you of course


elly: uh oh. but you said you were good? lonely even...


bs: i am the evil original bar stool and you are the focus of my entertainment tonight


elly: oh darn


*elly runs*


bs: *the stool follows*


*zelenka hops past*


*bs blinks*


bs: what was that?


elly: you couldn't handle that much truth, trust me


bs: right


*bs continues chasing*


*elly resumes running*


elly: so, this is tonne 'o fun.


bs: don't even get me started on that sorry excuse for an amusement park


elly: well, do you want to chat while you chase me?


bs: i will still injure you if i catch you


elly: well i figured as much


bs: then please proceed


elly: right, well, why don't we start off with a joke? have you heard this one, "a jaffa walked into a bar..."


bs: oh please, i was there.


elly: oh, well you do better!


bs: okay, so there was this blonde, in a vacuum.


elly: not what i had in mind.


bs: sh! it's good


elly: no i will not shush


bs: and so this blonde was trying her best to scale this glass wall and i walked up to her and said, "um, elly, what'cha doing?"


elly: :@


bs: and she said, "trying to see what's on the other side." *bursts into laughter*


elly: okay, first of all, you totally told that wrong, secondly, neither you or i was there, thirdly, you blended to separate jokes together, but MOST importantly I GET TOLD A BLONDE JOKE AT LEAST ONCE A DAY BY MY MUM, BROTHER, AND DAD so i would prefer it you found something else to talk about


bs: and i would prefer it if my food didn't talk back!


elly: RIGHT




elly: uh oh


bs: what's wrong now?


elly: well, let's just say, hypothetically


bs: of course


elly: if i'd just had this really long conversation with myself would that make me a little strange?


bs: as opposed to a floating, glowing evil bar stool existing only in the cyber reality or database?


elly: yeah


bs: yeah


elly: thanks


bs: no problem


elly: back to running?


bs: yep




*listens to parents swear loudly at football*


elly: second damn match of the day




elly: please do not address me in that manner


elly: *grabs brownie as she flies past the bar*


bs: OIY!


elly: bite me buddy


bs: I will as soon as I catch you!


elly: kinky


bs: ???!!! i didn't mean it that way


elly: sure buddy


*the chase continues*


elly: OH CAZ!!! i'm about to get eaten by an intoxicated bar stool you might want to think about dropping by! lmao


bs: you cry for help in your weakness but i will catch you


elly: look dude, that's the last time i take pity on an inanimate object


bs: inanimate?


elly: you have an exceptional point there


bs: damn straight


*they continue flying around the convo*





Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"