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Transcript procured by dahan, 11th of July 2010.

The FINAL Transcript of the ReWatch of "Rising"
Welcome! You have entered [The Cabin] at 11:05 pm
[dahan] 11:06 pm: Wow someone beat me
[dahan] 11:06 pm: hi Mandy
[dahan] 11:22 pm: 38 minutes to go wahoo!
[Mandy] 11:24 pm: yeah i thought i was gmt +1 but im actually gmt +2 ;)
[dahan] 11:24 pm: it was bound to happen to some of us
[dahan] 11:25 pm: I'm still worried about our friends who haven't taken into account daylight savings time yet
[dahan] 11:26 pm: any worries about malware or spyware for you?
[Mandy] 11:27 pm: no im okay. i hope ^^
[Mandy] 11:28 pm: but im still excited, my first rewatch ...
[dahan] 11:28 pm: mine too
[dahan] 11:28 pm: the software I suggested is stuff I've trust and I've ran multiple scans after really trying to expose myself
[dahan] 11:28 pm: nothing was detected at all
[Mandy] 11:29 pm: oh thats good maybe i should try them?
[dahan] 11:29 pm: if you're worried after the re-watch you should probably install and run a scan or two just to be safe
[dahan] 11:30 pm: you got the episode all queued up I hope?!
[Mandy] 11:31 pm: of course. my dvd is ready and all i have to do is press play
[dahan] 11:32 pm: hope you already selected the episode because I'm not sure we wanna do a rewatch of the FBI and copyright warnings
[Mandy] 11:33 pm: thanks for reminding me
[dahan] 11:33 pm: just trying to help :D
[Mandy] 11:34 pm: haha you remind me of a mom, youre always helping ;)
[dahan] 11:35 pm: Lol, of all the things I thought people might consider me tonight/morning, "mom" was definitely not one of them :p
[Mandy] 11:36 pm: sorry sometimes i have a strange way of thinking xD
[dahan] 11:37 pm: For now I'm just taking it as a compliment.
[dahan] 11:37 pm: Though I'll be glad no one else is around to make fun of the notion for now :p
[The Cabin]: HyperCaz has entered at 11:37 pm
[HyperCaz] 11:38 pm: hey dudes :D
[dahan] 11:38 pm: Hi there 'Caz!
[Mandy] 11:38 pm: hello!
[HyperCaz] 11:38 pm: I'm probably going to use my other computer but atm I'm watching the Bill & Ted TV show lol...
[HyperCaz] 11:39 pm: brb for now XD
[dahan] 11:39 pm: as long as its over in 20 minutes it doesn't really matter
[The Cabin]: HyperCaz has left at 11:39 pm
[dahan] 11:40 pm: 2 of the alarms I set to wake me up just went off
[dahan] 11:41 pm: my cell phone should be going off in another 10 minutes just in case
[Mandy] 11:41 pm: haha so youre definately awake now
[dahan] 11:41 pm: yep
[Mandy] 11:42 pm: yes we dont want you to fall asleep during our rewatch :D
[Mandy] 11:42 pm: though i doubt that would happen
[dahan] 11:42 pm: I'm all but wired right now, but eventually I will need sleep
[dahan] 11:42 pm: so hopefully the post ep chat won't last too long :p
[Mandy] 11:44 pm: okay i will think of not cheering too loudly when mcweir is happening, i dont want you to get a heart attack
[dahan] 11:45 pm: as a shipper it's not a bad way to go, as a guy, well....
[Mandy] 11:46 pm: hmmm but as a shipper its a good way to go, thats for sure :P
[dahan] 11:47 pm: You certainly wouldn't be forgotten, though we'd probably have a PY issue if McWeir turned out to be the ship that actually killed :p
[Mandy] 11:48 pm: yes that wouldnt really make it popular
[dahan] 11:48 pm: PR*
[dahan] 11:48 pm: darn must have had a bandwidth hiccup
[dahan] 11:50 pm: my cell phone just went off, thats 10 minutes to go!
[Mandy] 11:50 pm: yay OMG but where are the others?
[dahan] 11:51 pm: don't know...
[dahan] 11:51 pm: no one has posted on the GW forum side either yet
[Mandy] 11:51 pm: :( but caz is comming back, right?
[dahan] 11:52 pm: I would seriously consider dialing 911 or whatever the emergency number is for her if she didn't
[Mandy] 11:53 pm: mcweir is not killing shippers yet i hope. but im sure she will be here
[Mandy] 11:54 pm: (haha i wasnt going to say it but you reminded me of a mom again :p)
[dahan] 11:54 pm: not sure I'm comfortable with you usingt the word "yet" there Mandy....
[dahan] 11:54 pm: lol
[Mandy] 11:54 pm: sorry, ill stop with the killing and the mom thing right now
[dahan] 11:55 pm: My first rewatch certainly has started out wonderfully interesting with you Mandy :p
[The Cabin]: HyperCaz has entered at 11:55 pm
[dahan] 11:56 pm: there she is
[HyperCaz] 11:56 pm: i can't get into central anymore lol
[Mandy] 11:56 pm: yay we
[HyperCaz] 11:56 pm: i was lucky to find this link :P
[dahan] 11:56 pm: you have got to be kidding me!!!
[HyperCaz] 11:56 pm: lol lol
[dahan] 11:57 pm: in case we get seperated
[dahan] 11:57 pm: copy the link quickly
[Mandy] 11:57 pm: already have it open
[HyperCaz] 11:57 pm: I can't believe the egregiously bad amount of luck we've had
[dahan] 11:57 pm: if PY took down the database for whatever reason we might get disconnected
[HyperCaz] 11:57 pm: eep so soon
[dahan] 11:58 pm: starting to think poweb is run by sparky shippers
[HyperCaz] 11:58 pm: conspiracy!
[HyperCaz] 11:58 pm: actually I never had a problem with sparky on the show
[dahan] 11:58 pm: me neither but its fun to say
[HyperCaz] 11:58 pm: i kind of saw every ship
[Mandy] 11:58 pm: *whispers* i used to be a sparky shippe
[HyperCaz] 11:59 pm: :O
[dahan] 11:59 pm: and really the fans never had a problem with us
[dahan] 11:59 pm: lol
[dahan] 11:59 pm: the sparky fans never had a problem with us
[HyperCaz] 11:59 pm: I don't think we had any epic shipper wars
[HyperCaz] 11:59 pm: getting ready...
[dahan] 11:59 pm: note fo us
[dahan] 11:59 pm: not with us*
[Mandy] 11:59 pm: so no conspiracy?
[dahan] 11:59 pm: ehh who knows
[HyperCaz] 12:00 am: it's time :P
[Mandy] 12:00 am: :yeah:
[dahan] 12:00 am: heck I was the one who posted the U.S. version of the Long Goodbye kiss on their GW thread
[dahan] 12:00 am: man the CG graphics really were GREAT
[HyperCaz] 12:00 am: I love that they brought Ayiana back
[HyperCaz] 12:01 am: Grodin! :D
[dahan] 12:01 am: and the first line goes to!
[dahan] 12:01 am: love torri
[HyperCaz] 12:01 am: omg they're all alive
[Mandy] 12:01 am: torri!
[dahan] 12:01 am: he original trio!
[dahan] 12:02 am: carson, rodney, and elizabeth!
[dahan] 12:02 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 12:02 am: Liz and Rodney are already very comfortable with each other
[dahan] 12:02 am: heroic efforts
[Mandy] 12:02 am: i miss it so much
[dahan] 12:02 am: huh she did notice
[dahan] 12:02 am: makes you wanna rewind huh
[HyperCaz] 12:02 am: I wonder what it would have been like with more Daniel
[dahan] 12:03 am: remembers the SG1 ep she and Daniel would have been pretty close
[HyperCaz] 12:03 am: in Australia, we didn't get SGA until after season 8 sg1 so it got very confusing
[dahan] 12:03 am: wow that would have been confusing
[Mandy] 12:04 am: i was thinking that too, but liz was cool in sg1
[HyperCaz] 12:04 am: why does JOhn like it at Antarctica? lol
[dahan] 12:04 am: she almost got the system lords to give up a good chunk of the galaxy, one of the more shocking moments actually for me
[dahan] 12:04 am: no pressure he gets to be a frat boy
[HyperCaz] 12:05 am: is it possible to break the chair by thinking at it?
[dahan] 12:05 am: ancients didn't have self-destruct systems did they?
[dahan] 12:06 am: first appareance of ford too
[HyperCaz] 12:06 am: ... :D
[HyperCaz] 12:06 am: Beckett could have very effectively killed John here
[dahan] 12:06 am: and Jack!
[HyperCaz] 12:06 am: but overall, the scene seems a bit silly because it's not very dangerous
[dahan] 12:06 am: so I could live with John being around
[dahan] 12:07 am: torri's eyes are pretty green there in that close up
[dahan] 12:07 am: sorry sorry, tense situation
[HyperCaz] 12:07 am: I totally remember why I ship Beckett/chair
[dahan] 12:07 am: lol
[Mandy] 12:07 am: lol
[dahan] 12:07 am: a most powerful couple
[HyperCaz] 12:08 am: I still don't get why John likes it there :P
[Mandy] 12:08 am: suddenly im glad its summer, it looks cold
[Mandy] 12:09 am: jack/daniel - i love it
[HyperCaz] 12:09 am: they all look really weird in those clothes
[dahan] 12:09 am: I thinkt hey look good
[HyperCaz] 12:09 am: Rodney in orange? ummm
[Mandy] 12:09 am: but liz is in red
[dahan] 12:09 am: more magenta
[HyperCaz] 12:09 am: ZedPM :D
[dahan] 12:09 am: burgondy
[Mandy] 12:09 am: ZedPM :D
[dahan] 12:09 am: waste of a perfectly good explanation time!
[HyperCaz] 12:10 am: Elizabeth is totaly trying to look like she knows what Rodney's saying
[Mandy] 12:10 am: oh carson
[HyperCaz] 12:10 am: his accent changed a lot
[dahan] 12:11 am: i never noticed
[HyperCaz] 12:11 am: that particular camera angle makes Rodney look very close to Elizabeth
[HyperCaz] 12:11 am: the side on
[HyperCaz] 12:12 am: everyone seems to have the ATA gene >_<
[dahan] 12:12 am: I always thought this was weird the first time I saw it considering Elizabeth was Jack's boss previously on SG1
[Mandy] 12:12 am: haha
[HyperCaz] 12:12 am: Rodney doesn't seem very worried about the chair with John in it
[dahan] 12:13 am: he's more worried elizabeth is noticing
[HyperCaz] 12:13 am: she deals with him pretty well though
[HyperCaz] 12:14 am: do you think Jack and John are distantly related because of the gene?
[HyperCaz] 12:14 am: lol
[dahan] 12:14 am: no chance in hell
[dahan] 12:15 am: cam mitchell is more closely related
[HyperCaz] 12:15 am: pretty scenery
[HyperCaz] 12:15 am: ugh it's SImon
[dahan] 12:15 am: though I thinkt here's a fic out there where John is the kid jack had in 1969
[Mandy] 12:15 am: interesting image
[dahan] 12:15 am: I think you guys are ahead of me
[HyperCaz] 12:15 am: lol Beckett's mum
[dahan] 12:15 am: I'm still at Jack and John in the helo
[HyperCaz] 12:15 am: I started at the lion roaring, dahan
[HyperCaz] 12:16 am: or i don't know, I had it cued up to play
[dahan] 12:16 am: Hey Elizabeth wears blue in that video
[HyperCaz] 12:16 am: nicely spotted :D
[HyperCaz] 12:16 am: where did they put all the cell/mobile phones that everyone had?
[HyperCaz] 12:16 am: unless cheyenne mtn really is out of range
[dahan] 12:17 am: who knows
[dahan] 12:17 am: go ford!
[HyperCaz] 12:17 am: Sparky! the real Sparky :P
[dahan] 12:18 am: can you imagine if they dialed the gate and it turned out they couldn't get a lock on the address?
[HyperCaz] 12:18 am: oooo awkward
[Mandy] 12:18 am: lol
[dahan] 12:18 am: go siler!
[HyperCaz] 12:18 am: have you seen the promo pic of Weir and Sumner kissing?
[dahan] 12:18 am: oh yea
[Mandy] 12:18 am: yes ^^
[HyperCaz] 12:18 am: i love it so much
[dahan] 12:18 am: there's a video of it on the special features on the dvd
[HyperCaz] 12:19 am: Bates.... :(
[HyperCaz] 12:19 am: I miss him
[Mandy] 12:19 am: love her speech
[dahan] 12:19 am: love all her speches
[HyperCaz] 12:19 am: John's making friends already... *lol*
[dahan] 12:20 am: her hair goes more frizzy as the series going huh
[HyperCaz] 12:20 am: lol awww Rodney and Elizabeth
[HyperCaz] 12:20 am: she's clearly known him a bit
[dahan] 12:20 am: absolutely
[dahan] 12:21 am: in the novelization they have a private moment and then go through thte gate together
[HyperCaz] 12:21 am: I don't have any of the books, but I was thinking of getting the 3 comic issues of Wraithfall
[dahan] 12:22 am: better snatch them up, everything seems to be out of print
[HyperCaz] 12:22 am: poor Daniel! he wants to go so much
[dahan] 12:22 am: he gets to go eventually
[Mandy] 12:22 am: poor danny boy
[HyperCaz] 12:23 am: lol Ford "hurts like hell sir - WOOOO!"
[HyperCaz] 12:23 am: I didn't like the green wormhole at first but I kind of grew to like it
[dahan] 12:23 am: that gets edited in the syndicated version
[dahan] 12:23 am: I ctually liked it better than the original
[Mandy] 12:23 am: i love the green wormhole
[HyperCaz] 12:23 am: the music is so haunting, I like it
[dahan] 12:24 am: one of the reasons why I bought the soudntrack
[HyperCaz] 12:24 am: it has that sense of wonder
[dahan] 12:24 am: a lot more people wear the red uniform than I remember...
[Mandy] 12:25 am: i never noticed
[HyperCaz] 12:25 am: Beckett looks very happy?? lol
[HyperCaz] 12:25 am: champagne!
[dahan] 12:25 am: you know I always wondered how you would dial out manually with the Pegasus gates
[dahan] 12:25 am: they're digial
[HyperCaz] 12:25 am: maybe you'd just push them on the gate like buttons?
[HyperCaz] 12:25 am: i've always loved the doors of the briefing room
[dahan] 12:25 am: the conference room!
[Mandy] 12:26 am: jumpers!
[HyperCaz] 12:26 am: kay, CONFERENCE room ;)
[HyperCaz] 12:26 am: spacecships! XD
[dahan] 12:26 am: we never see those guys in the jumper room ever again huh....
[HyperCaz] 12:26 am: and they were never seen again... *ominous laughter*
[dahan] 12:26 am: she does sound like a mom
[HyperCaz] 12:26 am: Elizabeth immediately takes over the office
[Mandy] 12:26 am: and Liz office
[Mandy] 12:27 am: were underwater!
[HyperCaz] 12:28 am: can you still open the windows underwater, if the shield is up?
[dahan] 12:28 am: rodney's impressed!
[dahan] 12:28 am: never did figure that part out
[dahan] 12:28 am: yellow red and blue
[dahan] 12:28 am: there's a power ranger reference I could make huh
[HyperCaz] 12:28 am: sparkly ceiling display
[HyperCaz] 12:29 am: good mcweir shots in the hologram scene :P
[Mandy] 12:29 am: the ancients clothes are interesting
[HyperCaz] 12:29 am: i found them pretty typical
[dahan] 12:29 am: they kind of reminded me of Greek and Roman styles only more refined
[HyperCaz] 12:30 am: why is Carson present for Rodney's Doom and Gloom briefing? lol
[dahan] 12:30 am: not your fault carson!
[dahan] 12:30 am: first time we get to see the snowflake
[HyperCaz] 12:30 am: that was a big problem with the show - Carson appearing in random places
[HyperCaz] 12:31 am: for no reason
[dahan] 12:31 am: rodney's gonna have a stroke
[HyperCaz] 12:31 am: chevron 1 encoded... :D
[Mandy] 12:32 am: lol oh Rodney
[dahan] 12:32 am: last time john says "yes mam" to liz
[HyperCaz] 12:32 am: no respect, pfft
[HyperCaz] 12:32 am: Rodney with Liz on the balcony, the first of many times ;)
[HyperCaz] 12:32 am: i mean the control room balcony thingy
[dahan] 12:33 am: yea, john and liz take over the ocean balcony after a while huh...
[Mandy] 12:33 am: there they were again
[Mandy] 12:33 am: but mcweir had it first
[dahan] 12:33 am: john actually waves?!!?lol
[HyperCaz] 12:33 am: they're back in Canada! LOL
[HyperCaz] 12:33 am: have you guys seen pics of Jinto lately? he's got kind of hot
[HyperCaz] 12:34 am: the actor I mean :P
[dahan] 12:34 am: wouldn't know
[Mandy] 12:34 am: need to google him
[dahan] 12:34 am: kind of disturbed that its been so long for him to get "hot" though....
[HyperCaz] 12:34 am: is there any established reason for everyone speaking english?
[dahan] 12:34 am: its one of those forgivable things
[HyperCaz] 12:35 am: I like the track in the bkground for Teyla's village
[HyperCaz] 12:36 am: as a sheyla shipper, I always thought it was clear from the beginning of that attraction
[Mandy] 12:36 am: teylas hair is so long
[dahan] 12:36 am: first of many wigs
[dahan] 12:36 am: they kinda of hammered in the sheyla thing didn't they
[HyperCaz] 12:36 am: shep hair ruffle
[dahan] 12:36 am: they should have kept up with it
[dahan] 12:37 am: shep's hair is no where near military
[dahan] 12:37 am: shep sure comes on strong huh...
[HyperCaz] 12:38 am: yeah
[HyperCaz] 12:38 am: I always wondered about the ruins
[dahan] 12:38 am: how come they never went back to them...
[HyperCaz] 12:38 am: was Bates' hair always that curly? lol
[dahan] 12:38 am: always thought so
[Mandy] 12:38 am: he has prettier curls than me ;)
[dahan] 12:39 am: he called Teyla "ma'am" too
[HyperCaz] 12:39 am: some of the clothes of the Athosians are bit random
[HyperCaz] 12:40 am: is that guy Teyla's future squeeze?
[dahan] 12:40 am: not sure
[dahan] 12:40 am: maybe
[dahan] 12:41 am: that's an awesome exchange
[dahan] 12:41 am: "Tell me some good news Rodney"
[HyperCaz] 12:41 am: hehe
[HyperCaz] 12:41 am: he doesn't seem to ramble so much in the pilot
[dahan] 12:41 am: well when Liz is panicked he never really does
[dahan] 12:42 am: remember later when he tells her to leave
[HyperCaz] 12:42 am: mm
[HyperCaz] 12:42 am: convenient tracking necklace... bah
[HyperCaz] 12:43 am: who is more bad ass - Wraith or Goa'uld?
[dahan] 12:44 am: bit of a apples or oranges thing there
[dahan] 12:44 am: but in the end probably wraith
[Mandy] 12:44 am: hm i say wraith
[dahan] 12:44 am: they did the religion thing AND the whole eating people thing
[HyperCaz] 12:44 am: Teyla's spidey sense is tingling...
[dahan] 12:45 am: darts sure remind me of motorcyles
[HyperCaz] 12:45 am: they always sound like they're on a race track
[Mandy] 12:45 am: but darts can fly and beam so theyre cooler
[HyperCaz] 12:45 am: I love the slice of light thingy they use to capture people
[HyperCaz] 12:45 am: beam
[HyperCaz] 12:45 am: LOL beam is the word
[HyperCaz] 12:46 am: thx mandy ;)
[HyperCaz] 12:46 am: John's totally checking Teyla out lol
[dahan] 12:46 am: *still laughing*
[HyperCaz] 12:46 am: Bates has a missile launcher!
[dahan] 12:47 am: you know in all other scifi the good guys are the ones with the blue lasers huh
[HyperCaz] 12:47 am: Tron :D
[HyperCaz] 12:47 am: creepy creepy hand crawling on the ground
[dahan] 12:48 am: man, Caz u are about 40 seconds ahead of me
[dahan] 12:48 am: hey a peter and liz moment
[HyperCaz] 12:49 am: I'm onto the Rodney/Liz ness... he gets right into her face there
[HyperCaz] 12:49 am: mandy where are you at?
[dahan] 12:49 am: still a head of me
[Mandy] 12:49 am: uhm the gate was just activated
[dahan] 12:49 am: now I'm where u are
[dahan] 12:50 am: okay so its just me
[HyperCaz] 12:50 am: major stress, about to abandon city and all these people turn up
[dahan] 12:50 am: I'm playing the dvd a 1.5 times now to catch up
[HyperCaz] 12:50 am: janus' magic failsafe saves the day
[dahan] 12:50 am: they're RISING!!!
[Mandy] 12:50 am: were moving
[dahan] 12:51 am: man that water looks great
[HyperCaz] 12:51 am: that is still beautiful to look at
[Mandy] 12:51 am: hey there was a rainbow in one corner
[dahan] 12:51 am: ancients had great taste in architecture
[HyperCaz] 12:51 am: lol i keep thinking of Zelenka in LFP... that's how I feel watching this :D
[HyperCaz] 12:52 am: the sparky shippers had this big thing about jinto being with john and liz
[HyperCaz] 12:52 am: buggered if I know what that was about
[HyperCaz] 12:52 am: at the window
[Mandy] 12:52 am: its so bright suddenly
[dahan] 12:52 am: shep is giving rodney orders and liz didn't like it
[HyperCaz] 12:53 am: now your'eahead of me :P
[dahan] 12:53 am: and its the first balcony scene
[Mandy] 12:53 am: i think im behind now
[dahan] 12:53 am: how many seconds?
[HyperCaz] 12:53 am: Rodney doesn't react very well to John's order there
[HyperCaz] 12:53 am: now they're stepping on the balcony
[HyperCaz] 12:54 am: i think Rodney prefers Elizabeth's orders, because she understands him a bit more
[Mandy] 12:54 am: yes thats where i am too
[dahan] 12:54 am: chat when u hear ranking miliatry officier
[dahan] 12:54 am: or when she tells him to shut up
[HyperCaz] 12:54 am: chat
[HyperCaz] 12:54 am: :P
[dahan] 12:54 am: okay hopeffully we're in sync
[HyperCaz] 12:55 am: John is more of an alarmist than I remember
[dahan] 12:55 am: he feels guilty
[HyperCaz] 12:55 am: yeah ... good point, it is all his fault
[HyperCaz] 12:55 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 12:56 am: I never really got a feel for Teyla's character until season 2
[HyperCaz] 12:56 am: she just seems so typical as a leader of another bunch of people
[dahan] 12:56 am: i agree
[HyperCaz] 12:57 am: wraith equivalent of shutting up sumner ;D
[dahan] 12:57 am: these guys were creeepy the first time I saw them
[HyperCaz] 12:57 am: so that's definitely not Teyla's bf, coz he's about to die
[dahan] 12:57 am: sure seems like it
[HyperCaz] 12:58 am: ok another Q - is Halling better with hair or without?
[HyperCaz] 12:58 am: hehe there goes that malp
[dahan] 12:58 am: either
[Mandy] 12:58 am: just had to think of the dvd extra about the wraith "Id do a wraith"
[dahan] 12:58 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 12:58 am: o_O
[dahan] 12:58 am: famous torri line!
[HyperCaz] 12:59 am: I wish they'd called them Gateships
[dahan] 12:59 am: the jumpers
[HyperCaz] 12:59 am: Puddlejumper sounds a bit silly
[dahan] 12:59 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 12:59 am: wohoo beckett hand porn
[dahan] 12:59 am: well they are kind of silly for military uses
[Mandy] 12:59 am: the hand ... i always found it creepy
[HyperCaz] 1:00 am: if I was a bettin' man...
[HyperCaz] 1:00 am: the Wraith got easier to kill
[HyperCaz] 1:00 am: lol i bet Rodney ran off to show Elizabeth what he'd found
[dahan] 1:00 am: they stopped being "properly nurious"
[dahan] 1:01 am: LOL
[dahan] 1:01 am: RODNEY SHUT UP LOOK
[HyperCaz] 1:01 am: Rodney agreed with Ford?!
[Mandy] 1:01 am: awww that look
[HyperCaz] 1:01 am: about the gateship thign?
[HyperCaz] 1:02 am: "Be safe."
[dahan] 1:02 am: Torri's facial expressions when Rodney was doingt eh gateship thing needs to played in slow motion
[HyperCaz] 1:02 am: I'll do that later
[Mandy] 1:03 am: me too
[HyperCaz] 1:03 am: 'Jumpers should make sandwiches
[HyperCaz] 1:03 am: or have a coffee mchine
[dahan] 1:03 am: I do miss ford a whole lot after this season
[HyperCaz] 1:03 am: i wish they'd tied that whole thing up
[HyperCaz] 1:04 am: how long would that hive ship be thre to get a forest growing on it?
[dahan] 1:04 am: they still might if ever the Extinction Movie gets off the ground
[HyperCaz] 1:04 am: they sold off a lot of the sets and costumes
[HyperCaz] 1:04 am: I should know ;)
[HyperCaz] 1:04 am: lmao
[dahan] 1:04 am: lol
[dahan] 1:04 am: thats right you got the auction
[HyperCaz] 1:05 am: I heard somehwere that the thing on the table was from the first Stargate movie
[HyperCaz] 1:05 am: where SUmner is
[dahan] 1:05 am: I actually haven't brought myself to watch the stargate movies yet
[dahan] 1:05 am: can still fool myself it isn't over yet
[HyperCaz] 1:06 am: I think they were right to ditch Ford, because he's more of a "yes man" than anything
[HyperCaz] 1:07 am: the wraith queenis still creepy
[dahan] 1:08 am: I always wanted to do a music video compiling all of them
[Mandy] 1:08 am: i cant stop staring at her teeth
[HyperCaz] 1:08 am: i forget, do they all have coloured hair ?
[dahan] 1:08 am: not sure
[dahan] 1:08 am: they have different skin coloring though
[HyperCaz] 1:08 am: "hunger is distasteful" that still gets to me lol
[Mandy] 1:08 am: they do?
[dahan] 1:09 am: green skin ,blue skin, peach skin
[dahan] 1:09 am: the wraith are pretty diverse
[HyperCaz] 1:09 am: Sumner would not have been out of place in the '94 movie i think
[HyperCaz] 1:09 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 1:09 am: the right sort of attitude
[HyperCaz] 1:11 am: clothes are ripping! lol
[HyperCaz] 1:11 am: would a wraith understand the use of the word "hell"?
[dahan] 1:11 am: probably not
[HyperCaz] 1:11 am: i guess she had heard similar things so just knew how to respond to it
[dahan] 1:12 am: the S1 companion book always said that they regretted killing Sumner
[HyperCaz] 1:12 am: he had presence
[HyperCaz] 1:12 am: but the personality conflict with SHep would have been a bit boring
[dahan] 1:13 am: too much tension to give Weir a chance methinks
[HyperCaz] 1:13 am: yeah
[HyperCaz] 1:13 am: those wraith drones are dropping like flies
[dahan] 1:13 am: you know the failsafe thing were killing the queen woke everyone up seems kind of stupid
[HyperCaz] 1:14 am: it would have been done physically
[HyperCaz] 1:14 am: *psychically
[HyperCaz] 1:14 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 1:14 am: uhoh watch those dots light up on the life signs detector
[HyperCaz] 1:15 am: "Dr Weir" - impersonal from Rodney there
[HyperCaz] 1:15 am: unless he was being respectful
[HyperCaz] 1:15 am: he's trying to reassure her really quickly there
[Mandy] 1:15 am: still sounds weird from him
[dahan] 1:15 am: he *was* shouting across the room
[dahan] 1:15 am: he's been her rock this entire ep
[dahan] 1:16 am: it makes sense he would get right to it
[HyperCaz] 1:16 am: he has a lot of faith in Elizabeth's decision making
[HyperCaz] 1:16 am: what did John think he was going to do with the small gun there :P
[HyperCaz] 1:16 am: oh big gun, he traded up ;)
[HyperCaz] 1:16 am: nice
[dahan] 1:16 am: kind of weird that teyla disarmed ford so easily
[HyperCaz] 1:17 am: there was a lot of "crap" said in this epi
[dahan] 1:17 am: wahoo engine pods!
[HyperCaz] 1:18 am: nuisance those engine pods lol
[dahan] 1:18 am: dogfight time!
[HyperCaz] 1:18 am: 'Jumper is a big slug in space, not as agile as the darts
[HyperCaz] 1:18 am: but packs a punch with the drones - was that a drone?
[dahan] 1:18 am: why the heck did the ancients never give those things shields
[dahan] 1:19 am: I mean the jumpers
[HyperCaz] 1:19 am: maybe it was only a few 'jumpers that had shields
[HyperCaz] 1:19 am: lol
[dahan] 1:19 am: and yea they're drones
[HyperCaz] 1:19 am: and no one figured it out ;)
[HyperCaz] 1:19 am: why couldn't they take the drones of the 'jumpers and put them in the city for the chair?
[HyperCaz] 1:19 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 1:19 am: or the other way around
[dahan] 1:20 am: they didn't have power to access the drone storage until during the seige remember?
[HyperCaz] 1:20 am: lol Rodney's little cowering moment
[HyperCaz] 1:20 am: oooh ok so I don't remember the storage thing
[HyperCaz] 1:20 am: Elizabeth smiled at Rodney there :)
[dahan] 1:20 am: love the music!
[Mandy] 1:20 am: again on the balcony inside
[dahan] 1:20 am: love the CG
[HyperCaz] 1:21 am: party on Atlantis!
[HyperCaz] 1:21 am: did no one bring speakers for music?
[HyperCaz] 1:21 am: Weir obviously packed some nice clothes
[dahan] 1:21 am: shame ford never got his condo on the water
[HyperCaz] 1:22 am: i wish we'd seen more of the quarters that randoms had
[HyperCaz] 1:22 am: ah the infamous head tilt
[HyperCaz] 1:22 am: Ford knows what's going on ;)
[HyperCaz] 1:22 am: eeee need to get out more :D
[Mandy] 1:23 am: lol carson and rodney
[dahan] 1:23 am: carson should have gotten teyla
[HyperCaz] 1:23 am: pan out, night shot
[HyperCaz] 1:23 am: no lights on though?
[HyperCaz] 1:23 am: the. end. :D
[dahan] 1:24 am: the beginning reallu
[HyperCaz] 1:24 am: wow so... I can't wait for "Hide & Seek" :D
[Mandy] 1:24 am: me neither
[dahan] 1:24 am: we definitely need to give it a shot
[dahan] 1:25 am: but lets wait a whiles
[HyperCaz] 1:25 am: I'm going to discuss the episode more on GW and Central
[dahan] 1:25 am: stop the DVD PPL
[HyperCaz] 1:25 am: it's stopped :P
[Mandy] 1:25 am: but its temping to keep watching
[dahan] 1:25 am: I KNOW
[HyperCaz] 1:25 am: thanks guys :)
[dahan] 1:25 am: I had fun
[dahan] 1:26 am: and I soooooo miss how good a show can be
[Mandy] 1:26 am: me too, Ill be there the next time
[HyperCaz] 1:26 am: cya on central (hopefully)
[HyperCaz] 1:26 am: i'm going to make icons and stuff :D
[dahan] 1:26 am: lol
[HyperCaz] 1:26 am: bye!
[dahan] 1:26 am: night 'Caz
[Mandy] 1:26 am: good idea, im in the mood for some fanfics
[dahan] 1:26 am: or morning
[dahan] 1:27 am: then that leaves me with vids then huh
[dahan] 1:27 am: :p
[The Cabin]: HyperCaz has left at 1:28 am
[dahan] 1:28 am: I'm out too Mandy, I'm going to post the chatlog so do you have anything to say before I do?
[Mandy] 1:28 am: ill leave too, see you at the next rewtch :D
[dahan] 1:29 am: well spoken :D

End transcript.

Beckett turned to the camera and said,
"Are you sure you're immune?"